5-part Hematological Analyzer

This hematology analyzer provides quantitative analysis results:

  • 31 parameters including 29 hematological parameters, CRP and Hs-CRP
  • 3 histograms: WBC histogram, RBC histogram and PLT histogram
  • One three-dimensional scatterplot (3D DIFF scatterplot)
  • Three two-dimensional scatter plots (2D DIFF scatter plot)
  • 5 measurement modes: CBC, CBC+DIFF, CRP, CBC+CRP and CBC+DIFF+CRP

Technical specifications:

  • 3 sampling modes: undiluted blood, capillary blood and pre-diluted blood
  • Up to 90 tests per hour
  • Large storage capacity: up to 100,000 records
  • Built-in cooling system for CRP reagents
  • Both closed and open bottle modes are supported
  • Bidirectional LIS is supported
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Hematological analyzer – a medical device for performing comprehensive blood analysis. Hematology assays help healthcare professionals diagnose disease, monitor treatment progress, and make informed decisions about patient care. The results of these tests can provide valuable insights into a person's overall health and help guide treatment plans.

Advantages of this hematological analyzer:     

→ Automatic Intelligent Technology                                                                                

→ Lower costs due to higher productivity                                                            

→ Easy management and maintenance

→ Extremely accurate diagnostic records

Accessible to:

→ Large Oncology Hospitals

→ Medium Size Private/Public Hospitals

→ Medium Size Labs

→ Children's and Maternity hospital

→ Disease Control Center

→ General Hospitals

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