Antfarma is a reliable partner in healthcare

Antfarma is a reliable partner in healthcare

Antfarma is a reliable partner in healthcare

Antfarma is a reliable partner in healthcare


Innovative products direct from the manufacturer

Health care necessary only high-quality and innovative products, it is therefore extremely carefully choose our partners – medical devices, personal protective and preventive monitoring tools manufacturers. Proud of our partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers, such as SEJOY, JOYTECH, ALLTEST, MEDB. We deliver only certified (CE, CE0123, CE2797, etc., depending on the product) in the output.


Why choose us

Our partners

We are currently working with more than 100 clients across Europe. We work with both mobile individuals and public projects. Certified products are supplied from medical facilities to business offices.

7 years experience

70% of the customer portfolio growth

€8 million worth of successfully completed projects in 2022

6 times the average turnover growth over 3 years


Our news

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