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About UAB "Antservis"


We started in 2015. The company has grown rapidly over the years and today we are pleased to have gained extensive experience in the medical devices market. Our professional team, which follows the trends of scientific and technological progress, has already earned the trust of major manufacturers, and we are happy to offer our customers a wide range of quality products, excellent logistics solutions and flexible prices. 


Having increased our turnover more than 100-fold in the last few years, we believe that we will continue to grow, to educate the market and to innovate, while embodying the highest standards of service.We currently work with more than 100 clients across Europe. We work with both mobile individuals and public projects. Certified products are supplied from medical facilities to business offices.


A professional team provides advice, helps you choose the right products to meet your expectations and ensures fast order logistics. We manage three modern warehouses in Vilnius, Lithuania, and have a large network of reliable logistics partners, so we deliver orders on time. If we have the goods on site, we ship orders within 24 hours on weekdays.

A reliable and ethical partner

We only work with proven manufacturers and have a solid financial foundation, so we are able to deliver on all our promises and commitments. We maintain the same quality standards regardless of the value of the project. All this and our respect for the client, the partner and the employee has allowed us to grow and earn a reputation as a reliable business partner.

Flexible and efficient work

We manage enquiries promptly thanks to the constant attention and timely communication to our customers by the assigned manager. And fast delivery from the warehouse to the door is ensured by an efficient network of partners and a logistics system that has been developed over many years of experience.

Market innovation & education

The team is constantly looking for new products and innovations to help build a healthier society, bringing healthcare, infection surveillance and prevention solutions closer to everyday life. That's why we are often the first to bring new products to the market.

Quality and affordable price

Access to goods directly from the manufacturer gives customers a better price than the market. Reliable suppliers, certificates proving quality, attractive packaging, fast delivery and flexible payment policies are the advantages customers get when they choose us. We also have all the necessary promotional material ready, so there is no additional investment required to start trading.


Innovative products direct from the manufacturer

Health care necessary only high-quality and innovative products, it is therefore extremely carefully choose our partners – medical devices, personal protective and preventive monitoring tools manufacturers. Proud of our partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers, such as SEJOY, JOYTECH, ALLTEST, MEDB. We deliver only certified (CE, CE0123, CE2797, etc., depending on the product) in the output.

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