FOB test (to detect secret bleeding)

The test is designed to detect hidden bleeding in stool and diagnose colorectal cancer. If you get a positive result, you should contact your doctor and consult a specialist.

Results within 5 minutes.

Nutrition does not affect the test results.

Type - cassette.

Quantity -1 pcs.

The sample is faeces.

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Šį testą galite įsigyti:

A quick guide to performing this test:

  • The test cannot be performed until:
    1. you have menstrual bleeding and for three days after it starts
    2. the patient is bleeding due to haemorrhoids or blood in the urine is observed
  • Alcohol, aspirin and other drugs that can initiate occult bleeding MUST NOT be taken 48 hours before.
  • The testing location is chosen according to the convenience of the user (a stool sample will be needed for this test).
  • You will need to wash your hands (or use a sanitising fluid) before and after taking the test.

*Sample collection cup and timer are not included in the test kit.

  1. Prepare the sample collection sheet (see instructions for use).
  2. Take the sample by sticking the collection tip into the faeces three times together. Avoid hooking too much sample!
  3. Return the collection tip to the collection tube and screw it on tightly.
  4. Shake the collection tube until the sample mixes with the extraction buffer.
  5. Unpack the test cassette from the sealed foil package and place it side by on a flat surface.
  6. Open the cover of the collection tube (opposite side) and remove the tip.
  7. Apply 2 drops in the area (S) of the test cassette.
  8. Read the result after 5 minutes.
  • POSITIVE: A coloured line appears in the (C) area and (T) areas.

*A line of any shade in the test line area (T) should be considered a positive result.

  • NEGATIVE: The coloured line appears ONLY in area (C).
  • INVALID: The coloured line appears ONLY in area (T).

All used components of the kit are handled according to local requirements.

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