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Pregnancy test (streaming)

The Pregnancy Hypersensitivity Flow Rapid Test with Indicator detects elevated levels of the hormone hCG in your urine, which your body produces during pregnancy (human chorionic gonadotropin hCG). The level of the pregnancy hormone increases as the pregnancy progresses.You can take the test 5-6 days before your cycle starts.
Accuracy - >99%
Answer within 3 minutes.
Quantity -1 pcs.
Type - flow test.
Sample - urine.
With an indicator to show that enough urine has been collected for the test.


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A quick guide to performing this test:

  • The test will take 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • The location of testing is chosen according to the convenience of the user.
  • You will need to wash your hands (or use a sanitising fluid) before and after taking the test.
  • Sample can be tested in two ways: collection and testing in a container or urine stream (see procedure steps).

*Sample collection cup and timer are not included in the test kit.

**Preferably take a first morning urine sample!

  1. Dip the absorbent tip of the test into the urine collected in the container or hold it in the urine stream. Note: keep results area out of the stream!
  2. Hold in urine until the indicator changes colour.
  3. Start timer immediately by setting for 3 minutes.

Interpretation of results:

  • POSITIVE: A coloured line appears in areas (C) and *(T).

*(T) line might also appear lighter than (C) line.

  • NEGATIVE: A coloured line appears ONLY in area (C).
  • INVALID: no colour line (C) or no other colour line appears in the area.

All used components of the kit are handled according to local requirements.

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