Influenza A+B rapid test

Results within 15 minutes.

Accuracy Influenza A - 98.1 %
Accuracy Influenza B - 97.8 %

Specificity Influenza A - 99.3%
Specificity Influenza B - 99.4 %

Sensitivity for influenza A - 95.1%
Sensitivity for influenza B - 94.2 %Sample from the nasopharynx. 

Test to detect influenza A and B antigens

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Professional use product. 

Influenza (commonly known as "flu") is a highly contagious, acute respiratory infection. It is a contagious disease that is easily transmitted by coughing and sneezing. Outbreaks of influenza occur every year in autumn and winter. Type A viruses are usually more common than type B viruses and are associated with the most serious influenza epidemics, while type B infections are usually milder. 

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