Streptococcus A rapid test

Test is designed to detect Strep A antigens in a throat swab specimen.
Accuracy 97.1%
Results in 5 min
Quantity -1 pcs.
Type - cassette.
Sample - throat swab.


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Šį testą galite įsigyti:

A quick guide to performing this test:

  • The test requires the support of a healthcare professional: collecting and processing a swab from the throat.
  1. Unpack the test cassette from the sealed foil package and place it side by on a flat surface.
  2. Prepare the extraction mixture: add 4 drops of red extraction buffer and 4 drops of colourless extraction buffer to the extraction tube. Mix by gently rotating or tapping the bottom of the tube. Try not to overturn the tube to avoid spilling its contents!
  3. Place the throat swab in the extraction mixture, swirl 15 times in the mixture and leave it for an additional 1 minute.
  4. Pull out the swab by squeezing the outer wall of the tube with your fingers at the tip of the swab. Throw away the used swab!
  5. Put the cap on the dropper and add three drops of the solution in the (S) area of the test cassette.
  6. Read the result after 5 minutes.
  • POSITIVE: A coloured line appears in the (C) area and (T) areas.

*A line of any shade in the test line area (T) should be considered a positive result.

  • NEGATIVE: The coloured line appears ONLY in area (C).

**Negative result means that streptococcal A antigen is absent or below the detection level of the test. A sample culture from the patient is required to confirm the absence of Streptococcus A infection.

  • INVALID: The coloured line appears ONLY in area (T).


Positive and negative controls are included in the test kit. It is recommended that positive and negative external controls be performed every 25 tests and as needed, as defined in the internal laboratory procedures.


All used components of the kit are handled according to local requirements.

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