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Male fertility test

A test to determine whether the sperm count in the semen is sufficient, a test to diagnose fertility.

Results within 5 minutes.
Type - cassette.
Sample - semen.

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Šį testą galite įsigyti:

A quick guide to performing this test:

  • The sample should be taken within 3-7 days after the last ejaculation.
  • Using masturbation, the semen should be collected directly into the sperm collection cup.
  • Do not touch the seed sample with your hands, a napkin or any other material, as you may contaminate it.
  • Shake the container with the seed sample evenly, set it aside and leave it at room temperature for 1 hour to liquefy.
  1. Use the seed transfer tool to take the required amount of sample (follow the 0.1 ml mark).
  2. Pour the seed sample into the sample dilution buffer bottle provided and close tightly with the dropper and cap on.
  3. To mix the sample, turn it up and down several times (up to 10 times is recommended).
  4. Use the test cassette in the sealed foil package to test your sample. Hold the test cassette on a flat surface and apply twp drops of the sample in the test (S) area.
  5. Read the result after 5 minutes.

Interpretation of results:

  • NORMAL: coloured line in (C) and (T) areas. Sperm concentration in the semen is greater than 15 million/mL.

*A line of any shade in the test line area (T) should be considered normal.

  • ABNORMAL: ONLY coloured line in area (C). Sperm concentration in the semen is less than 15 million/mL.
  • INVALID: no colour line (C) appears in the area, or no colour line appears. The test should be repeated using a new testing kit.

All used components of the kit are handled according to local requirements.

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